Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cotto vs. Clottey

For all the boxing fans out there, I hope you got to tune into the Cotto / Clottey fight last night from MSG - quite a spectacle. Really entertaining fight, although I must say I was upset by the result of Cotto retaining his welterweight title. First of all, judge Don Trella scored the fight at 116-111 in favor of Cotto - FAR to wide a margin to score this back and forth bout between two equally matched fighters. Who knows, maybe Trella was getting paid off by the hoardes of Puerto Rican backers in attendance at the Garden. Not to mention, Cotto had some questionable moves during the fight - first off, throwing Clottey to the ground in Round 5 inflicting a knee injury on Clottey (some people have said that Clottey slipped, but go rewatch that and you'll notice Cotto shoving Clottey's back straight toward the mat). Secondly, Cotto landed a serious cheap shot right to the back of Clottey's head, right in front of referree Arthur Mercante nonetheless, yet not getting a penalty for it.

Nobody can deny that this was an extremely entertaining, evenly fought battle... but something tells me that had this fight occurred somewhere other than MSG (Cotto's home turf) on the eve of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, we might have had a fairer decision. With all that being said, we need a rematch! Cotto vs. Clottey #2 - BRING IT ON!

Oh and just for the record, boxing is still better than MMA.

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