Monday, June 15, 2009

Los Lakers Ganar el Campeonato de la NBA

I've been hearing a lot of Laker praise over here in NYC as of late, a trend I find rather disturbing. Don't you all remember we're not supposed to like LA?! We compete with LA! We know we have better Mexican food than them here in NYC (HAHA!), in fact we know we have pretty much everything better than them here in NYC. So why weren't all you New Yorkers rooting for good ol Florida, the home to 90% of our grandparents and our go-to domestic beach destination, a true tropical paradise on the East Coast! Sure the Knicks have never had much of a rivalry with the Lakers, so I can't use that excuse to justify my dislike for Kobe and LA (I do like Phil Jackson very much though and congratulate him on breaking any record formerly held by a Celtic - the 9 rings of Auerbach in this case)... but our rivalry goes beyond sports - it's a "tale of two cities" to be exact. They get it easy out in LA, with their constant 80 degree weather, scantily clad models roaming down the street and care-free lifestyle. While us New Yorkers slave it out through the four seasons, through the all-go-no-slow NY lifestyle and through our pathetic basketball team with a measly 2 championships compared to LA's 15.

Poor Orlando - they came so close, yet so far. The 4-1 series would seem like a beatdown to any casual viewer, yet us true basketball afficionados know the truth - had Dwight Howard made one more free throw, had Courtney Lee hit that layup, had SVG reduced Jameer Nelson's playing time and not fucked with the chemistry... it would have been a much different series. And I'm not saying the Magic would have won by any means (LA was simply the better team), but it would have been much more interesting. Oh well, maybe next year when Shaq goes to Cleveland, him and Lebron can take down Kobe - you know David Stern already has the blueprint for this matchup drawn up from his super-secret underground lair where he constructs his robot refs and draft fixes (What? You don't believe this exists?! Come onnn).

Well, I guess I can stop my rant now and be happy that at least the Celtics didn't win again. Now that would have REALLY sucked.

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